Michiel Mens


Ever since I was a child I was passionate about human anatomy, (patho)physiology, neurology and the biomechanics of the sporting body. In 2006 I graduated as a Master’s degree in Sports and Movement Sciences from Ghent University, and five years later I graduated from the International Academy of Osteopathy and the University of Applied Sciences in Innsbruck with my Master of Science in Osteopathy. The combination of both diplomas gives me a unique perspective on the origin and avoidance of complaints and/or injuries.


Besides my working in practice, I am also a teacher at the International Academy of Osteopathy. I am also the coordinator for the two-year training programme in the Sport Osteopathy for graduate osteopaths. In this way I am constantly stimulated to keep up to date with the latest scientific developments and at the same time I can also pass on this acquired knowledge to colleagues and/or patients.


Shortly after graduation I started my own practice in collaboration with various (sports) physiotherapists. In 2013 I joined the practice of osteopath Rik Hoste in Sint-Andries, and took over this practice in 2014. The collaboration with Rik continues through a close cooperation with the sports medical testing center Running and More. Since 2016 I opened a second practice for osteopathy in Assebroek.


A health-care profession requires continuous training to stay up-to-date and to further specialize. We specialize mainly in the treatment of back problems, neck/headache complaints and chronic and recurrent injuries. Athletes, children, the elderly and pregnant women alike find their way to practice. Below you can find some of these further courses.

  • Sports nutrition & physiology | Asker Jeukendrup, Inspanningsfysioloog
  • Sportsfysiologie | Gerard Van Der Poel, Inspanningsfysioloog
  • Traingingsleer & Periodisering | Gerard Van Der Poel, Inspanningsfysioloog
  • Doping in de Sport | Chris Goossens, Sportarts
  • Zuur-base (on-)evenwicht in de sport | Hugo De Cock, Osteopaat MSc.
  • Loop- en fietsanalyse | Ingrid Janssen, Sportpodologe
  • Korte Hefboom Manipulaties – Laurie Hartman, Chiropractor
  • Chiropractische manipulaties | Andrea Cecchi, Chiropractor
  • Integratie van manuele spiertesten | Joe Shafer, Chiropractor
  • Functionele Screening | Nico Ruiter, Osteopaat
  • Blessuremanagement & sportpreventie | Servaas Bingé, Sportarts
  • Systematic reviews | Belgisch Centrum voor Evidence-Based Medicine
  • Geïntegreerde bloedanalyse | David Barrix, Osteopaat MSc.
  • Osteopathie bij Kinderen | Wouter Van Stee, Osteopaat MSc.
  • Groepsdynamica & groepsprocessen | Stefaan Denooze


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