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To schedule your appointment online, go through the form below step by step and click “next” each time to move to the next step. First, select whether you want the appointment to go ahead in Assebroek or Sint-Andries. After that, you can search the calendar for a suitable appointment by clicking on the data itself and selecting a time block. If you have any specific questions or comments, you can always write them down in the third step.

If this did not work or there are acute problems, you can always reach the practice by telephone during working hours via the fixed number 050 61 69 39.

The consultations are accompanied by a number of security measures that we will have to take together. These are updated on the basis of the latest opinions from Sciensano and FPS Public Health. So be sure to read them again before your appointment.


* After making your online appointment, you will receive a confirmation email in your inbox shortly afterwards. Sporadically it happens that it is considered spam and therefore ended up in your unwanted mail. Didn’t you receive a confirmation email? Send an e-mail to or let me know at your next consultation.


To make an appointment you have the opportunity to book your appointment online yourself. In this way you can find out a suitable moment in peace, and at the same time I can focus fully on the patient who is on my table at that time. You will also receive an e-mail immediately for confirmation and you will also be reminded of your consultation by e-mail a few days in advance.

You can always reach the practice by telephone during working hours via the fixed number 050 61 69 39. Out of respect for every patient and in order to be able to treat everyone optimally, I do not take phones during the treatments. So if you end up on voicemail, please enter your name and phone number. I’ll try to contact you back as soon as possible.


Do you have an urgent problem or can you no longer find an appointment in my online calendar in the next few weeks? Please do not hesitate and contact us by telephone on 050 61 69 39.

We’ll see together what the quickest way is to help you out.

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